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Tembil of Hashlam

Welcome to the Tembil of Hashlam. This is a place of reverence unto the sacred cannabis plant. We consider cannabis to be a sacrament of free thought and positive vibrations. We invite you to glance upon our pages, to share our herb knowledge, and to learn fascinating facts about hashish, smoking, ganjah spirituality, history and culture. We have books for you to read, pot poetry to muse upon, articles, reviews, and a forum to discuss all things cannabis related, to post bud pics, ask herb questions and share our hemp knowledge and experience with each other. We hope you like the cannabis information that can be found here. Be sure to let your friends and family know about our Tembil of Herb. So we can create a sacred cyber space for cannabis connoisseurs, a veritable weed heaven upon Earth, and a cannabis repository where you can find the info and inspiration to defend your cannabis lifestyle/hobby/religion. So we can be proud to be peaceful and sensitive herb smokers, that we may arise, and break these shackles of herb oppression. We are brothers and sisters of majestic marihuana, may we smoke long, and prosper . . . More fire!! . . . Hari hari ganjah . . . Hail Mother Mary Jane the herb of reason and compassion.

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